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Pant Supply- When a Jean is not enough

PantSupply is the company that has facilitated search for millennials and gentlemen, by providing a perfect pant solution which is disruptive to the jean style. We are an in-stock, e-shop giving you variety of options in colors, textures, designs and fits of cotton pants for contemporary men.


One in a Million is a brand by PantSupply for men to look and feel confident in a casual look. We found that a good pair of pant is hard to find especially when men want a replacement for a jean or want to steer away from that boring Khaki or Chino look. The idea was conceived by Roger Kohli whose trusted trademark brand, “One in a Million” is prolifically sold in fine men’s clothing stores across North America and internationally as well. Through a clear vision as well as a creative aptitude, he has created a versatile article of clothing that can be worn, much like jeans, for casual occasions or for business settings, as well as cocktail hour. The European blend fabrics and high quality construction makes for a perfect fit every time you wear pants directly out of the washing cycle. Each pant is a piece of artwork, as so much attention is given to detail; from the design of the zipper, button, to the stitching inside the waist and leg, you are truly wearing and manifesting the artistic vision of the designer. For Roger and his team, it is all about the resiliency to create a unique design that makes the brand so special. We have optimizied all touch points to make this special garment along with some fashion shoes available to you in this ubiquitous smart phone world.


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